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Please note that some, if not many of the links on this page may be broken. This is just an archived copy of the news for this month. We cannot guarantee that the links will work because we remove old versions as we update. For the newest software releases please always refer to the main news and software pages. If you really need a file then please contact us and we'll do our best to help.


8/30 Today was the SVCD section day. I exchanged almost every screenshot by nicer looking and smaller gif images. I also streamlined the guide a bit and I hope it's a bit less confusing since I corrected a couple of wrong links. I also noted that there might be a lot more streamlining I can do since almost every guide has the very same first step. In the future there might be an integrated rip-all guide which covers more than just VobDec... cladDVD and SmartRipper seem to merit their own guide. 

Software: Updated rippacks. All the software is now up-to-date as of today.

8/28 Another guide is ready. Now my VCD and SVCD guides also cover the LSX encoder. As usual there's a link at the right position... these things are meant to be together. First you rip, then set up FlaskMpeg and then you'll be guided to your encoder of preference.

There's a new SubRip out that allows to set the bmp size so we can skip that annoying conversion process in the future. I'm working out the details with Keith and then I'll update the guide. It's still far from being perfect but we're slowly getting there. An updated version of srt2ogt will also make the task to have several CDs a bit easier. I've also uploaded bbMPEG 1.24beta12. I might add that bbMPEG allows for multiple audio tracks now, and you can mux almost everything... I got a nice miniDVD VOB using it but the problem is authoring and burning..

8/26 Somehow I managed to get DVD2MPG working in W2K so here's the full guide on how to create VCDs and SVCDs using DVD2MPG - and of course some other software. 

I've also made a small update to the Conversion guide.

8/22 I have a new guide again: Conversion guide which covers about any format conversion you might ever need. 

As I don't feel like repeating myself please be advised that general ripping/DVD news will always be in the DivX section - which from now on is the start page.

8/18 OK Software is back on has no software whatsoever.. but I'll have another server for that soon and then I'll have software, too.
8/17 I overhauled the subtitle guide.. it's supposed to be working but I just don't get any subtitles on the movies I try. I've also made a guide on Heuris MPEG Power Professional so now the only encoder left is LSX but that stupid thing won't install on my machine. As usual the guides can be accessed thru the guides page and there'll be links at the appropriate positions.
8/16 First of all the software archive is down. Don't email about links not working.. I know that already. I'm looking for people who can offer me a 50+MB webspace with ftp access, no banners and no objections to CSS decryption. 

A few thoughts about MPEG2-multichannel. That format was introduced in the DVD specs in Europe when DVD was about to roll out. However, Philips, the format's creator, was slow to deliver en/decoders and even the initial wave of European DVDs usually contained AC3 (Dolby Digital) soundtracks. The very first DVD Player (DVD-A100) sold in Europe was not even MPEG2-multichannel capable. The "real" first-gen DVD players usually included that audio format but not all, and only Panasonic made a player that had the 5.1 MPEG2 decoder included. There have also been very few receivers that are MPEG2-multichannel capable. Some months after DVD was launched in Europe an important decision was made: AC3 became an official format for European DVDs. This resulted in the immediate halt of production of MPEG2-multichannel DVDs and hardware. Today MPEG2-multichannel is essentially dead, some think it might be re-introduces in digital TV in Europe but even there AC3 has become an official format so it's chances are actually slim of reappearing. Note that this is an European issue only, the rest of the world never bothered with MPEG2-multichannel.

Now MPEG2-multichannel is an official format for SVCD. ReMPEG2 includes an AC3->MPEG2-multichannel transcoder which works so-so (it almost always crashes) so making such disks would be possible. However before you think about making such a disk you should ask yourself if you can even play it (let alone create it... I haven't heard of anyone who's successfully created such a disk). I don't think that any DVD player capable of SVCD can play that format, since today's DVDs are AC3 and DTS only, not even MPEG2-multichannel SPDIF out. So the chance of getting an actual 5.1 channel MPEG2-multichannel soundtrack are very slim. If you don't have the MPEG2-multichannel logo on your DVD player you should get only 2 channel sound when playing such a disk. Well... this are just my 2c but I don't think that the format is worth investing a lot of time and then finding out that you're still stuck with 2 channel sound. 

I also fixed some font problems in TMPEGEnc b12. Use this patch. 

8/15 Some have already noticed that SVCDs burned in Nero sometimes don't work. For instance WinDVD 2.1 won't recognize the disk but can play the video files in file mode. WinDVD 2.2 and DVD Station don't have that problem. The reason for that behavior is that Nero puts the video file someplace else than I-Author. I'm not sure what the specs say but that's what I know: Nero puts the video file in a folder called MPEG2 whereas I-Author puts it in a folder called MPEGAV. So if your player won't play the SVCDs you created in Nero won't play on your player you might need this small patch which created the default directory of the video files in Nero. 

Also... if any of you has managed to get subs the way I described according to Ubanov's guide (that's the one my tutorial is based on) or another way or know of somebody who has done so, please contact me.

8/14 Software: bbTools 1.6 and jrdmux are two good demuxers. 

Unfortunately the SVCD with subs I created is in fact somehow without subs... multiple audio works fine but no subs. If anybody has an idea what went wrong please tell me. I thought I had it all figured out.

8/13 Got some more guides for you: ReMPEG2 guide and a guide on how to make SVCD with subs and multiple audio tracks. The latter is somewhat untested so I'd appreciate any feedback.
8/12 Finally I got my pc back and I found svcdfix.exe. It's also incorporated in the SVCD pack along with reMPEG2 1.52 and the latest patched TMPEGEnc 12. Until the next official release of FlaskMPEG or bbMPEG I will not touch the first part of the SVCD pack (which contains Flask and bbMPEG) since it would require me to update all the bbMPEG profiles. If you intend to use the latest version, just copy the dll in the FlaskMPEG directory, rename it to the flask compatible format, but use another name. Not the values of the profiles and create your own one for the latest release. That should not be too difficult since the only thing I changed are bitrate and the stream format (S/VCD).
8/10 Looks like many new bbMPEG betas have been released since I was away. Here's the last of them: bbMPEG 2.4 beta 11.
8/6Once again... I'm doing this updates on an old Alpha and in Emacs so don't expect any design miracles or error free typing.

Software: Finally somebody took it upon him and translated the change log of TMPEGEnc b12 to English. David Black also provided a new translation of TMPEGEnc b12. I also have another great tool for SVCD freaks: ReMpeg2 1.52 which now comes with a bitrate clipper and AC3 transcoder. When I have my pc again I'll write a guide on how to use it and I'll repackage all the tools that now are in exe or rar format to the standard zips and I'll update my rippacks.

7/30Software: bbMPEG 1.24b7 is out. Contains tons of changes... check the full change log for more information. 

Furthermore: Now it's really time to say good-bye for some time. As soon as I have a working internet connection at my new place I'll be back for good.

7/26Software: I had to split the SVCD pack into 2 pieces since my host wouldn't allow a file of that size.. I hadn't found that out if I hadn't checked my ftp program log after I uploaded the pack two times and it was still not on the server.... Couldn't they tell?

Apparently my SVCD guide didn't go unnoticed... I'm really glad about that... so far I thought that nobody would care about this whole section since I never got any feedback. I've uploaded the missing ReMPEG2.. so now really everything is there. Unfortunately ReMPEG2 is currently not included in the rippack. 

7/25Once again I did some serious SVCD work and now the guides are complete. They cover the latest TMPEGEnc - which BTW is really great - all the screenshots have been changed, the CCE Guide has been incorporated as well as a small subs guide. 

Software: New SVCD pack available. It contains all software you need to create a (S)VCD.

You've probably read about a new version of CCE but apparently you can only get the Japanese version at the moment... that means Restorator work for you or wait till the English version is out. 

Now I have a serious question for all of you: Is anybody willing to help me out in future guides? There are many people out there who make SVCDs using Heuris or the LSX encoder. Would anybody be willing to write a guide on how to use those programs and publish on this site? I'd really appreciate if people who have any experience in an area that I've not yet covered to help me out. I'd be more than happy to publish your work.

7/24Great News: TMPEGEnc beta12 is out as well as the corresponding VFP patch. I'm currently working on a patch and on some SVCD guides. Unfortunately I don't have any translation of the change log of TMPEGEnc so I would really appreciate if any of you who speaks Japanese could help me out with it. It looks like TMPEGEnc is now fully SVCD capable... SVCD compatible streams should finally be possible. bbMPEG 1.24b5 is also out. 
7/16Software: AviSynth 0.3 and the source is out.

Finally I have finished my VCD Guides. And I've also compiled a VCD pack which includes all non-commercial software described in the guide. 

I'm yet to decide whether I'll do any (S)VCD related news... But there's usually less going on than in the DivX scene.

Software: Updated the TMPEGEnc patch. Now the fonts in the main window are fixed (and it shows the encoding time up to seconds). 

As usual the source code of all open source programs in this section is available on the software page. 

If anybody has managed to create VCD menus in WinOnCD or Nero please contact me. The help files say both programs can do it but I haven't found out how, let alone found the menus where I could make them.