Codec comparisons

On this page you'll find a selection of codec comparisons. A number of video compression codecs is put through a lengthy test to find out which ones are really good even under difficult circumstances. Note that all but the most recent comparisons have been packed using WinRar 3.0 since they're rather large and would otherwise clutter of the site structure.

Codec shoot-out 2005 - Qualification round - featuring Dirac, Elecard AVC HP, libavcodec MPEG-4, NeroDigital ASP, QuickTime 7, Snow, Theora, VideoSoft H.264 HP, XviD 1.1 beta 2

Codec shoot-out 2005 - Main round - featuring Ateme HP, DivX 6.1, Elecard HP, HDX4, libavcodec MPEG-4, NeroDigital ASP, VC-1, VP7, x264, XviD 1.1, XviD AVC

Codec shoot-out 2005 - Final round - featuring Ateme HP, DivX 6.1, x264 and XviD 1.1

Codec shoot-out 2004 - featuring 3ivX, DivX Fusion, HDX4 1.4, NeroDigital AVC Main Profile, NeroDigital AVC High Profile, RealVideo10, VP6.2, Videosoft H.264 Main Profile Codec Pro, WMV) and XviD 1.1

Codec shoot-out 2003 - 1st installment - featuring 3ivX, DivX5.05 Pro, mpegable AVI RealVideo9, SBC, WMV9 and XviD 4/24

Codec shoot-out 2003 - 2nd installment - featuring 3ivX 3.5.1, DivX3/SBC, DivX 5.11 Pro, ffvfw 10/28/03, NeroDigital, RV9, VP6 and XviD 1.0 beta3

MPEG-4 Codec shoot-out 2002 - 3rd installment - featuring DivX5.02, SBC, XviD and RealVideo9

MPEG-4 Codec shoot-out 2002 - 1st & 2nd installment - featuring DivX4.12, On2 VP3, XviD 1/25 and WMV8 and DivX5.01, XviD 3/27 and ON2 VP4 respectively